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Let's Talk Bitcoin! #147 CryptoVR - Podcast about the intersection of cryptocurrency, token controlled access and virtual reality with Adam B. Levine and Wendell Davis

Let's Talk Bitcoin! #147 CryptoVR - Podcast about the intersection of cryptocurrency, token controlled access and virtual reality with Adam B. Levine and Wendell Davis submitted by AdamBLevine to tokenly [link] [comments]

Hey /r/bitcoin! We are the developers of the Dark Wallet. Ask us anything!

We are building a lightweight bitcoin wallet with a core focus on security and anonimity, using a completely rewritten next-gen implementation of the original bitcoin core. Our fundraising campaign on Indiegogo is finishing in 5 days and we almost reached our goal as of now!! But extra money will help us mantain more developers and have a completely stable and secure version out soon.
Get more info & support us on
We are spending this money in food and shelter for the developers, hardware for obelisk blockchain servers and events. We just finished our first development meeting in Milan, Italy and would like to thank all the bitcoin developers and community members who stopped by to share thoughts with us. Special thanks to Taylor and Wendell (Hive wallet), Jason King (aka Sean's outpost), Peter Todd, Kyle Drake (aka Coinpunk) and all the people who made it from thousands of miles away to join us.
A little video from our event:
We would like to use this thread to answer any questions that redditors might have about the Dark Wallet or Unsystem, so ask away!
edit: You should also check out this interview that Wendell Davis (creator of Hive wallet) gave at our event!!
and we are documenting the development in our wiki:
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Dogeparty Pulse #11 - Happy Holidoge

Much excitement! With the holiday season upon us, what better time than now to get an amazing insight into the world of cryptocurrencies and gaming!? It’s not too late to participate in cryptocurrency games and tokens, and to give or receive the gift that keeps on giving. Happy Holidoge to all and to all good Doge!

Weekly General Update

A great Dogeparty Hangout was held last week with several participants. Continue reading below for an overview and summary of the participants and their topics, as well as the time intervals for each. The next Dogeparty Hangout #11 will be announced once it’s scheduled so that you may ink it on your calendar.
Dogeparty Hangout #10 -Making game tokens and items with Dogeparty
0:15 - 0:29 Wendell introduces the participants
0:30 - 8:02 Jens discusses the Dogecoin Foundation and bridging the Dogecoin and Dogeparty communities. Dogecoin Foundation has been in a difficult situation in recent months because of U.S regulations, which has made it difficult for the Dogecoin Foundation to do what it set out to do, which is fundraising for charities. The Foundation has been trying to hash out how it can work, as well as cryptocurrencies in general, in order for them to be used for social good. Jens continues on to discuss his perspective on Dogecoin versus Bitcoin, and how these technologies can be used for the community instead of just as financial services.
8:03 - 9:55 Wendell provides brief overview of what games, game tokens, and game items are. A token can be something you own. For example, a ticket that allows you entry to an event, a stock token that can provide you with ownership in a company, or something of redeemable value. The various blockchain platforms have brought about the possibility of anyone being able to issue a secure, reliable token for low cost. He continues to provide examples of how a game token could be used within games before segueing into the next speaker.
9:56 - 13:53 Michael is working on a project called CryptoVerbs. He provides a visual presentation in the video containing a checklist of crypto-tokens and how they may be used on a more granular level. He suggests tokenizing user actions within a game. There are so many verbs and actions that we use in games on a daily basis which are being looked into in order to tokenize these actions. It’s part of a larger project to bootstrap this functionality. You can look at it as a gamification layer on top of games themselves to make the game more interesting, and more specifically, when used in role playing games or card games.
13:54 - 19:35 Gareth is working on a blockchain-based card game named Deckbound. The card games are in the style of Magic The Gathering and Hearthstone. Deckbound leverages blockchain technology for various parts of the game environment. In the video, Gareth provides a visual presentation of Deckbound and Bitbind provides an open/public API service used to tag Bitcoin transactions on the Bitcoin blockchain so that anyone, theoretically, could use bitbind to play games using Deckbound cards. Complex systems can also be used leveraging bitbind’s APIs. All data is published, however the bitbind service is there to provide a convenient interface. All APIs will also be public. Gareth continues on to explain in detail how transactions items may be used.
19:36 - 24:48 Shaban, from EverdreamSoft, introduces Spells of Genesis, the company’s second game. The first game was a traditional trading card game named Moonga. EverdreamSoft was at the beginning of the free-to-play game model in the app store. In Moonga (similar to Magic The Gathering), the player trades a card for real money, so one game item can have a big value for players. Their new, innovative direction is to put all of the game assets on the blockchain. Spells of Genesis is a new game that takes the Moonga universe, but mixing arcades and card games. The crypto-economy is integrated in the game story and in the game itself, not only for payments, but as a whole economy. Cards can be traded in a decentralized manner, or purchased and playable in the game. The user is master of their asset which can be traded or sold on any blockchain platform. Shaban provides a live demo of the game.
25:40 - 30:55 Wendell discusses Vizor, one of three projects behind the reason why the Dogeparty platform was created. Vizor is like the YouTube of VR. He provides a visual presentation in the video. On Vizor there are various different types of web-based experiences (Web GL), such as Oculus Rift, and these experiences are similar to a YouTube experience. These are all real-time rendering. Vizor Create is a tool that is like a visual programming editor. VR worlds can be built and run in real-time, different graphics can be loaded in, and it can be published back to the main Vizor. VR worlds of any sort can be created, ranging from a game to a non-interactive experience. A VIZR token will sell things like texture, 3D objects, sounds, shaders, and all types of various modules that will be able to accept a Vizor token. The goal is to create a complete VR ecosystem.
30:56 - 35:10 Jef discusses using blockchain technology for crowdfunding. Swarm likes crypto-fuel application apps - projects that have their own coin that is used, or consumed in the app. He discusses which industries should be focused on in order to get the current status of applications transformed - i.e. existing businesses or new businesses. Looking at new businesses and games in particular, Kickstarter presently has 466 live crowdsales for games. Some are offline games, however the vast majority are video games. Adding crypto-tokens to the crowdsale of these games will provide value by, for example, raising funds by selling the coin and creating incentive.
35:11 - 38:48 Tom introduces Koinify, a crowdfunding platform. Koinify was started primarily to focus on games, initially to convert these centralized games into a token economy. Their most recent project is Gems. The advantage of using these crypto-tokens is bootstrapping - an easy way to distribute the tokens to a mass population that creates incentive. Additionally, there’s interoperability where people can exchange tokens in different markets. A token system is interchangeable by nature.
39:12 - 48:23 J-Dog provides a visual presentation and discusses the service he created to help the community visualize the Dogeparty blockchain and data flowing across it. Users can view the network (transactions, burns, etc.), browse assets across the network, view information about individual assets, and see address balances. APIs were written to help the community to use, and easily digest the Dogeparty platform. The API’s can be used by developers in a number of ways, including to check if an address holds a specific token/asset and how much. API results can be easily customized to fit a developer’s preferences. All of this information is valuable within a game because it allows developers to easily interact with the Dogeparty blockchain and do things like verify if a user (address) has a token (asset) in their wallet, and enable or disable game functionality based on the results.
48:52 - 49:48 A question received from the audience included inquiring why the DEX is not being worked on while other projects continue to be developed. Wendell addressed that a new developer is presently being brought into the team to continue work on the DEX. As Dogeparty was initially created for the purpose of supporting developer projects, the DEX may have taken a bit of a lower priority. However, a developer is spinning up to work on this now.
49:49 - 53:32 Mike from Galactic Systems introduced the topic of in-game governance. They’re a virtual world or a platform for any type of game or social interaction. In addition to building the Galacticoin crypto-system and implementing governance functions within the blockchain (starting with the user registration and transactions), Galactic Systems is building in digital rights management for user created content as license keys within the blockchain. The company is expanding into deed registration for virtual land, like in Second Life, and a dispute resolution system for an in-world court system. The goal is to decentralized governance into the blockchain, so that users govern themselves and resolve their differences in a decentralized way. Avatars will essentially have a Bill of Rights.
53:40 - 54:35 Conclusion and final words from the meeting participants.

In The News This Week

For those of you who missed it, here are some links that will get you up to date with the latest cryptocurrency news:
If you have a Dogeparty or Dogecoin related service or project you’re working on and you would like to get the word out, contact CryptoKim (cryptokim) to place your article in the Dogeparty Pulse.

Dogeparty Services / Projects / Core Updates

Review the Hangout summary above.

Dogeparty Opportunities

Joel Dietz of Swarm seeks Dogeparty enthusiast to help build wallet software custom designed for coin-power voting. If you are interested, email Joel ([email protected]).
Are you looking to get started with Dogeparty but don’t know where to begin?
Are you a great Python and JS developer? Contact the Dogeparty team (humint_is)
Are you a developer or just interested in learning more? Come join us in our Skype chatroom. Join our Skype room
Contact us and get involved! Follow us on Twitter View our subreddit /xdp
Look for the Dogeparty Pulse every Wednesday morning (Pacific time)!
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CoinGeek Live is right around the corner, the highlight event of the year in the Bitcoin SV (BSV) calendar. Day 1 sees a packed agenda of presentations and seminars, drawing on some of the most experienced professionals in Bitcoin and business. CoinGeek Live’s MC is Founding President of the Bitcoin Association (the global industry organization that supports Bitcoin SV), Jimmy Nguyen, who also had a long career as a prominent digital technology and intellectual property lawyer. Nguyen commented: “The strong presence of government and legal speakers at CoinGeek Live reflects Bitcoin SV’s proactive engagement with policymakers ... Here's what you can expect from this Bitcoin SV conference agenda. Register ; Speakers ; Agenda ; Why Attend ; Past Conferences . London Feb 2020 ; Seoul Oct 2019 ; Toronto May 2019 ; London Nov 2018 ; Hong Kong May 2018 ; Get Involved . Become A Speaker ; Become A Sponsor ; Become A Media Partner ; Agenda. Day One - Sep 30 Day Two - Oct 1 Day Three - Oct 2. 09:00 - 09:05 EDT. Conference Day 1 ... D investir dans des sites de prêt wendel davis bitcoin; D un pirate informatique il est très paycom bitcointalk syscoin échanges bitcoin 2015; comment démarrer bitcoin Windows 7 Pour, utiliser quelques threads sur tous les . 2017 . Ils soient ou non basés sur une carte à puce le aurait signé un contrat de 476 millions USD read référence à un ordre anask de la plupart des. Bitcoin qui ... David opened Wendel’s New York office (Wendel North America) which he has managed since 2013. Since then, Wendel has invested approximately $1bn in the United States over the past five years. David previously served as Wendel’s corporate Secretary to the Supervisory Board.

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This equation will change how you see the world (the ...

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