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Curious, if you or I had to choose a pool. (Slush Pool vs. Eligius)

So my critical thinking skills are conflicting with information I have received recently. I am using Slush Pool, I'm new and this is the first and only pool I have used. The individual who I bought my Spondoolie sp35 from kept telling me to drop Slush Pool and go with Eligius. I'm looking online at Eligius and I'm generally noticing that their round luck and durations are horrible compared to Slush Pool. What am I missing? Why would someone swear Eligius was more profitable when it seems they are not finding any BTC regularly? I know Slush Pool takes 2% but at least the pool is finding blocks!
Right now Eligius round luck is 21.1% and the past listings don't seem much better. (http://eligius.st/~wizkid057/newstats/blocks.php). I can’t help but think I’m misunderstanding a key piece of information as to why a veteran of Bitcoin mining would swear by Eligius when the evidence I found doesn’t support the claim.
I am new, I'm not stupid, just ignorant, but I am very interested in learning. I apologize if my terminology is off, but I'm trying to learn and maximize my potential in this new hobby. I'm really enjoying learning about Bitcoin mining and would really appreciate input from those familiar.
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SP35 Yukon Power Consumption cost in So Cal?

Hey guys, I'm new to Bitcoin and trying to get an idea of how much miners cost in terms of power in a region like Southern California.
For example, how much would this one cost to run, on average?
SP35 Yukon http://www.spondoolies-tech.com/products/sp35-yukon-power-shipping-from-stock
Is it even worth it to mine at home anymore?
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Bitcoin Miner Optimal Settings

Hi. I am trying to gather experiences from different people in regards to bitcoin miners settings. the various experiences and settings will assist others in setting their Miners for effective mining.
I personally run Spondoolies miner - SP20, SP31 and SP35.
The main goal is to share the Harsh rate, operating temperatures, voltage, power efficiency and any other relevant information.
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Spondoolies SP30 Spondoolies-Tech SP20 Quick Start Guide Spondoolies-Tech - YouTube Mining with ASICS - Spondoolies Tech Spondoolies Tech SP30 Miner: unpacking and installation ...

Spondoolies-Tech SP35 – это высокопроизводительный биткоин майнер, предназначенный для установки в серверных помещениях и способный осуществлять хеширование с невероятной скоростью в 5.5 тх/с. Внешний вид и конструктивные ос Manufacturer : Spondoolies-Tech Vendors : Spondoolies-Tech, AsicTrade, TradeAsicMiner Algorithms : SHA256 Hashrate : 5.5 TH/s Technology : 28nm Chip : SP35 Yukon From BitcoinWiki Astonishing 1.3-1.7TH/s hashrate specification of a Bitcoin ASIC miner called the the SP20 Jackson which made by Spondoolies-Tech. The costs of the device is $110 and is available on eBay and Amazon.It also generates ~52 dB from 1 meter which is really at low speed and its nearest rival is the AntMiner S5 surpassing hashrate with a maximum of 1.7 TH/s. Spondoolies has just released the best X11, Dash ASIC miner in the world! With an outstanding 540 GH/s*, powered by 150 ASICs optimized for the X11 algorithm, the SPx36 will give you all the processing power needed to earn Dash coins in no time. The SPx36 comes with a 4,400W PSU, giving you an efficiency rate of 8.1 J/GHs. Our miner requires minimal configuration, and gets you up and running ... Spondoolies - Tech Sp - 35 6th/S Asic Bitcoin Miner(id:9677954), View quality bitcoin miner, spondoolies tech miner, psu details from Miltan Trading Corporation storefront on EC21.com. Buy best Spondoolies - Tech Sp - 35 6th/S Asic Bitcoin Miner with escrow buyer protection.

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Spondoolies SP30

Spondoolies-Tech SP35 Quick Start Guide - Duration: 2:56. Spondoolies-Tech 16,158 views. 2:56 . How to Buy Cryptocurrency for Beginners (UPDATED Ultimate Guide) - Duration: 33:53. CryptoCasey ... Check out our products and leave a comment if you have more questions! Get the most profitable miners now at www.cryptosupply.de Happy Mining! Unpacking and setting up a new (well, used) bitcoin miner Spondoolies Tech SP30 Yukon ~4 THash/sec (I keep saying ‘KCPool’ throughout the video. Of course I ... Mining with Asics - Spondoolies Become a fan and join the Bitcoin Revolution! https://twitter.com/CryptoCoinsRev https://www.facebook.com/CryptoCoinsRevoluti... Spondoolies Tech SP20 Jackson review By Bitcoinist.Net. CryptoKube Bitcoin mining Data center tour - Duration: 12:09. KubeData Systems Inc. - Mobile and modular data centers 24,118 views