Indonesia’s Leading Bitcoin To Bank Exchange –

ORYX (ORX) PUBLIC SALE ON VINDAX LAUNCHPAD”starting on 13:00 (UTC) July 01st, 2019.

ORYX (ORX) PUBLIC SALE ON VINDAX LAUNCHPAD”starting on 13:00 (UTC) July 01st, 2019.
Oryx project focuses on Decentralizing E-commerce and integrating the ORX cryptocurrency unto several online stores making it possible for the purchase and payment of goods and services.
The Oryx IEO event is scheduled to occur July 1st on Vindax Exchange
Click here for more about that event:
After Oryx IEO, the Oryx team would have to expand.
Different skill set will be added to the project aiding further development and keeping up to date with our road map.
How E-commerce works?
Before we go ahead to explain how E-commerce work, we first need to understand the basic concept of e-commerce to how it is used and applied to our daily electronic life.
Buying and selling of goods and services from people and clients locally in stores or in companies is a term known as commercial transactions, but
Commercial transactions conducted electronically on the Internet is referred to as E-commerce. “electronic commerce”
So buying and selling of goods or services using internet-based platforms, and the transferring of money and data to execute these transactions is a term known as electronic transaction which is ”E-commerce”.
How Gaming platforms work?
“A video game is an electronic game that involves interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a two- or three-dimensional video display device such as a TV screen, virtual reality headset or computer monitor’
According to Wikipedia definition of gaming platform.
We will create a video game platform for gamers and provide incentives to millions of gamers out there in the world with the “Oryx game platform”.
They will be collections of different kinds of games to select from and play,then we further discuss and partner with major game companies to integrate their games to our platform and reward their customers with the Oryx game tokens and incentivize gamers.
How Internet Service works?
The international network [Internet] is simply network of networks combined together to form a larger qou of networks, it is said data is transferred from one place to another with the internet but one basic rule of data transmission across the Internet is that data’s Instead are subdivided and sent as packet,
The Oryx project will partner with major communication giants around the globe making sure data is purchased using ORX token, decentralizing data life with the orx token and keep our promises of Decentralizing e-commerce.
How CryptoPlatform works?
Platforms built on a blockchain is tagged a crypto platform, A decentralized blockchain system which integrates with real world usage,providing everyone with ease for faster payment and “low fee” charges unlike the typical bank transfers where a higher percentage of the money sent is charged — is what we are trying to achieve, Oryx will integrate a payment platform on its mainnet after lunch.
Crypto platform like Oryx will use the blockchain technology to provide a decentralized transaction and faster payment system on the Decentralization of E-commerce with low fees charges come 2020 when our mainnet lunches.
Oryx project is a community-driven blockchain project with scalability in mind for total Decentralization of E-commerce in the Middle East and to the international market as well as bridging the gap between off chain and on chain businesses which in the future, envisions its orx token transitioning into a privacy coin.”
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Oryx Team
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Amir Taaki - Breaking Bitcoin presentation (transcript)

Below I transcribed Amir's talk from Breaking Bitcoin (see previous post here, start of presentation (youtube): here). Excuse the errors (will fix if you point me to them).
What was most interesting for me:
Thank you for having me here.
I believe that ideas play an important role in shaping human history. What I want to talk about is how technology has been shaped by key ideas. In particular how certain mechanical ideas of human society got mixed up with with politics and technology.
What I want to talk about is the free technology movement. It was a movement that showed great potential promise to liberate humanity. At the heart of it was a idea that technology offered a new way to construct a radially different kind of society that never before was possible in history, this movement was influenced by the visions of early scientists who believed in the power of computer technology not just to serve large industry and military but everybody to have access to this new power.
Influenced of by the 60s counterculture, this movement went on to develop the first personal computers. But that's not the end of the story because this radical vision mutated into the idea of self-regulating systems which see human beings as object managed by computer algorithms. In this vision, the value of human ideas to transform the world was diminished into a strange kind of consensus where everybody satisfies their personal desires.
We now find ourselves in a strange static dreamworld while dark forces are returning to threaten to penetrate our reality and all of the dreams of the techno-utopiasts play the role in creating this fake virtual world in which human beings driven by desires, devoid of all sense of higher purpose become slaves to algorithms and vast computer intelligences.
What is interesting about this story is the significance it has for Bitcoin. A project which is created for the purpose of creating a decentralized peer-to-peer money that cannot be controlled by governments and central banks but which now finds itself monopolized by large mining cartels. A lack of vision to guide the project forwards and increasing irrelevance in a world facing a global breakup of power.
Lastly I want to explain my project to revitalize the free technology movement to formulate a wider vision to restore back the potential of the technology to transform human society and train the next generation of revolutionary hackers dedicated to the cause of using the technology to support the cause of freedom.
My aim here is to find sponsors, find the place for establishing our hacker Academy, to find partner organisations to develop new technology projects with and to find people ready to dedicate themselves in advancing the free technology movement. People ready to be at the forefront of writing history.

At the heart of this story lies a conflict between two men in 1968. One of them is good B.F. Skinner, the other is good Lewis Mumford. It was one moment when two ideas about how technology could be used to advance human society first XXX ((unintelligible)) to take hold.
There's a documentary from this time made in mid-60s called "Towards tomorrow". And in this documentary, it described two possible future visions for human society. In a society where old forms of authority were declining, what would be the way that we could organize masses of human beings in a future society.
One of these visions for this society was a world managed by an elite group of technocrats, a specialized elite who managed a large population of passive human beings who constantly needed to be monitored and managed to be able to to keep them happy. B.F. Skinner described a new way of controlling and ordering people. He posed the question in this age of mass democracy and individualism the old forms of coercion was simply not possible and he put forth the idea of using reward. And he described an experiment where you have a cage with a pigeon inside and the pigeon can be trained to peck symbols, buttons, and depending on which symbol they peck, they get a pellet of food. In this way, by giving the pigeons the right reward for the correct behavior, they train the pigeon as a mechanical object.
He then took this farther and he went to a mental hospital in San Bernardino in California and in the mental hospital, what they did is they gave the mental patients small reward every time they did a good behavior. With this reward, when it was a lunch time or a dinner time, the patients could sit at a nicer table. So, inside the mental hospital, they created a new ordered hierarchy from a system of reward in which people don't feel controlled but feel empowered. Skinner describes this model as a model for the future of humanity. What's really interesting about this video by Skinner is it there's something very eerily similar to what we see today in which there is a technocratic elite that has interest in politics only in managing human society to keep us happy to keep everything stable and to keep themselves rich. A lot of this was powered in the mid-80s with the fake consumer credit to reward us as a form of social management - much like the experiment with the hospital, the mental hospital.
Lewis Mumford put forward an alternative vision for a society. In this video I'm going to show you - he first criticises Skinner and then he puts forward an alternative vision where everybody in the society is a participant. Everybody is an active human being deciding their destiny.

There were many forms the computer could have taken. In 1800s, the computer was proposed by Babbage. And popularized by Ada Lovelace. It was seen as a tool that would have huge social uses and that should be in the hands of many people, but when the computer was first developed during WWII - for cracking German codes for the military and for guiding ballistic missiles - computers became a very large centralized machine.
By the 80s, communities of hackers started to emerge which started to be fascinated with these huge machines - which at the time you had to get the time slice, to get the appointment to get to get some time to use the machine - they started to get jobs near these computing devices, because they wanted to know how these machines could work. They started to build their own computers in their garages, in their houses and universities - and that was the birth of the personal computers, the reason why we now have laptops and telephones.
What happened was: a lot of big companies started to come along and they started to invest a lot of capital. All of the hacker community - who up until that point had never seen money before in their life - to throw themselves at, at the proprietary industry. And whereas before the culture that had created this personal computers, this liberatory technology, really believed in power to use the technology to improve the humanity for the better, who really believed in free technology, in sharing techniques and code with each other - instead became siloed off.
But there was one guy - Richard Stallman - he was just a guy - he found this ethically wrong. If enough people got together, we could give a challenge against the proprietary industry. He made that as a proposal to the community - that it doesn't have to be this way, if we together put our energies we can build our own operating system. A lot of people at that time thought that he was crazy or that his ideas weren't feasible.
This is early video of Richard Stallman.

So, in 1991, the cryptography was classified as ammunitions and Philip Zimmermann wrote the first freely available encryption software for anybody to use and he uploaded it to the Internet. The American government arrested him and he was facing a decade in prison. What Philip Zimmerman did was to print the source code of PGP - of this encryption software - which he sold internationally, which is something that in America is protected under the First Amendment. And the American government was realizing that they couldn't continue with the case, they dropped the case. And since that time, because of the action of Philip Zimmermann, software became classified as a form of speech. And cryptography became widely available. It's now reason why cryptography is available everywhere.
Also, in early 90s, Stallman has started to piece together his operating system. And by now a community a community of people has emerged around him. It was the birth of Linux - a really important piece of technology. Not just in the free technology world, but in general, in hi-tech space it place a very key role. And that was a rise of the whole bunch of movements: free software movement, hacker movement, crypto-anarchist movement. Movements were invigorated with creating a lot of new ideas and a lot of new concepts about how we could use the technology to shape the world around us. These were collective movements driven by the shared sense of purpose.
Towards the end of the 90s (the baby boomer generation), the western society became overly optimistic. Something the Jean Baudrillard called 'the dead of society' and 'obsession with desert-like forms / with the simulacrum'.
Stallman free software movement failed to capitalize on institutionalizing his movement. And what happen was what emerged was the open source movement. It was a movement that said: making this technology is not a question of freedom/ethics, it's simply when you have access to source code of a program it's more efficient, it's cheaper, it makes more quality code. I don't think that's true, but that was their argument. One of the main spokesmen was Eric Raymond who released a book called 'A cathedral and a bazaar'. In that book, Eric Raymond has described the open source development philosophy as open bazaar where everybody, dozens or hundreds of people, a wide number of people all collaborated in a horizontal manner. He coined an idea that given enough eyes all bugs are shallow. When we have a piece of source code, if there are enough people - all contributing a small amount of time and looking at the source code - then if there is a bug, that bug will be found. The idea that given a huge amount of people with a small amount of contribution of each, that we can develop projects and advance technology.
Then what happened was the biggest event in the modern western history - which was the collapse of the twin towers, the twin idols of capitalism, perfect in a reflections, reaching into the skyline of New York - which realized our deepest most hidden desires to see the destruction of this passive lifeless world. And what it represented was the return of the real (of the) dark forces - that we ignored - back to penetrate into our reality.
In early 2000s we saw a lot of optimism and momentum for change. We saw the Arab spring, we saw The occupy, we saw the orange revolutions. In the technology world, we saw a lot of advances, there was a huge amount of optimism for Linux on the desktop. Every year the people were saying: this is going be the year of the desktop. Everybody was waiting for that sudden single breakthrough. One of the major developments in technology world was the confrontation that took place between Hollywood and a Manhattan programmer called Bram Cohen. ((...)) He developed BitTorrent. The concept started with sites like Napster or Kazaa - that were centralized services that were shut down by authorities.
Cohen came up with a concept: if enough people downloading files and seeding them at the same time - then the more people that download the file the more that file will become widely distributed in the network. So, that file will become shared in a self-regulating network. It was a big success and the movie studios didn't know what to do about this, they were completely powerless in face of this technology. The idea of creating a functional self-regulating system outside of power proved itself and it's something wildly popular among technologists.
The next major development is the shutdown of the Pirate bay which led to the development of the Pirate party that at one point had double digits in elections and even entered into the EU parliament. There is huge momentum behind it. Wikipedia was also developed - the idea that given thousands and thousands of people all contributing small edits, one line at time, could build this huge knowledge resource . Around this movements started to emerge the new priests of this internet-centric decentralization technology - people like Yochai Benkler, academics who would go to conferences and sell this ideology to people.
But something strange started to emerge. Wikipedia released statistics about edits on Wikipedia. We found that it was a small group of dedicated people that wrote the majority of Wikipedia, people who really believed in the project and spent all their time writing the majority of the articles on the website. When we started to look closer at these decentralized systems, what we observed was small groups of leaders surrounded by a wider community. In BitTorent, it wasn't that everybody was seeding in the network. Most people, after they downloaded, didn't continue to run the software. In fact, it was a small group of users, who wanted to challenge Hollywood and promote BitTorrent, who would leave their software running seeding torrents.
In open source, we observed that there were small groups of dedicated developers in a project surrounded by wider community. And in fact, what Stallman has done was not just to write Linux and put that in the community, but he had written articles, he had written manifestos, he had put forward a vision and an ideology that pulled together enough people and drove this movement of hackers forwards.
So what drove these projects for freedom was not a new model or a new technique. It was a vision that pulled together enough people to realize an idea. To understand why Occupy and Arab Spring and orange revolutions and the Pirate Party and a lot of these movements had a huge of amount of will and movement - fail, it's really instructive to understand what happened to Egypt. In Egypt, huge amounts of youths started to mobilize through Facebook and they started to go to this center in Cairo to front the military dictatorship. Huge amount of people died in that struggle. And after they threw out ((?)) the military dictatorship, the youth then sat down and said: "Okay, now what we are gonna do? What's next?". So they started to discuss.
And into that, came a group of people, with a vision, with an ideology, that was well organized and able to pull together enough strands of the society behind them. But they could put their vision into power. And that was the Muslim Brotherhood.
And then the same youth hood - that kicked out the military dictatorship - came back to the square to ask the military dictatorship to come back and rescue them from the Islamists.
At the same time, Satoshi developed Bitcoin. I remember on Satoshi's early website he described it as a peer-to-peer form of money that cannot be controlled by central banks and governments. And it's something that attracted libertarians, cryptographers and hackers. Bitcoin is kind of a technology - free technology project - that was a little late to the party. Interestingly, it finds itself in the same place as the movements that preceded it. The fundamental problem with Bitcoin is not a problem of missing this or that technology, it's a problem of a lack of vision, a lack of how this technology is -
And it's not just about Bitcoin - it's something to do with the wider technology movement. We have to understand the global situation now. Humanity is facing a future with a huge amount of suffering. We are facing the threats from terrorism, from immigration. There's the rise of new ideological movements - ISIS just went and took a city in southern Philippines for more than a month - which is right next to Indonesia, the biggest Muslim country in the world. And in Europe the new right movement is getting very strong, organizing training camps, becoming well-organized, getting into political power and well-funded. This is the reality of our situation now.
We have to think about how this technologies that we make -, where do they situate themselves in the wider global context.
In Rojava, there is also a really important movement with the ideology of democratic confederalism which is the way forward from anarchism. And offers a really good analysis of what is the current society and what is the crisis that we're facing. And how, in that place, revolutionaries from all over the world are going to learning the methodology and ideology of this movement. It's a new emerging movement outside of any one person's control, but new forces can be harnessed. What we have to understand is that anarchist movement and the hacker movement is something deeply connected. The problem with anarchism is that it failed in it's potential to advance humanity forward, it's simply an ideology that no longer is able to work. What we have in Rojava is a libertarian revolution of 5 million people. What is democratic confederalism? It's an ideological movement that opposes the state as a mechanical worldview and sees the nature as something that is divine, that seeks to restore the balance back between internal+subjective and external+material world. The freedom comes from reaching our destiny as human beings, not simply through pleasure seeking. (Liberalism is the destruction of the free society.) And the better humanity it's not simply a happier humanity but stronger freer humanity. The crisis in the West not simply an economic crisis, but social crisis - we're facing a deep cultural issue.
All of the ideas in hacker movement - such as BitLaw, digital governance, cryptographic economy, decentralized organization, new economic models, new technical tools - unless we are able to take all of these concepts and put them into a plan, with a sense of direction, that we can put these into practice - then it's something that's going to be lost. Now, what's presenting itself is a massive opportunity for hackers to put their ideas into practice.
So, right now we are building a hacker team. There's 3 tasks we have to do: study of all the ideas and concepts in technology. From this study we have to develop a long- term plan. And thirdly, we have to devote ourselves to build the technical base of this new emerging democratic confederalism movement, we have to create revolutionary hackers dedicated to the course. If we don't, then all of the technology we are making is outside of the society, it's a toy, and what is relevant in this world is not making new products to fill the spaces in the environment around us, but using technology to shape politics that influence the world around us.
This revolution in North Syria or Rojava is the biggest opportunity in the entire history of modernity. Through this we can give direction to the hacker movement. One of our main projects is a Bitcoin project. We have a nation of 5 million people and - and - and there is a financial situation where they're under financial embargo, they use - , they don't have the financial infrastructure so they use paper money and Syrian Lira is inflating massively. Because there's embargo so you can't send money in and out. Also there is a project to create decentralized economy and there's a lot of real concrete uses for Bitcoin. And also the ideology of the revolutionary nation is in line with the vision and values of the Bitcoin.
When we decide to look at deploying Bitcoin, what we realize is that Bitcoin is not ready and there's a lot of new things that need to be developed in Bitcoin, they should make it so it's able to be deployed on a scale of 5 million people. We are assembling a project to deploy Bitcoin as the national currency of Rojava. We want to create new products in practical use on a large scale. Products that solve real problems and serve the cause of freedom.
Towards this goal, we're assembling a team of 20 hackers dedicated for two years. We're looking to establish links with companies and sponsors to make this happen. The first step is to establish a hacker's academy in Greece - to train groups of revolutionary self-sufficient hackers that we're going to deploy on projects. Our needs now: partners, sponsors, space, support.
Our first plan is to setup exchange shops and localized wallets in Bitcoin where people come buy vouchers and use Bitcoin to create a local Bitcoin market. We have to create brochures, lots of information. Once this system gets bigger, then we also need to think of bigger financial infrastructure - so one of the things is paper wallets. At the moment, 100 thousands paper wallet cost $6000. Unfortunately the counterfeiting measures on the paper wallets aren't very well made. There needs to be a lot research done. There is a small USB device called ESP 12 which can be programmed with micro Python and C and it has on-board Wi-Fi, plus you can fit modules for radio. Through that you can create a large scale payments networks with cheap consumer devices that cost fie dollars each for people to transact bitcoins.
There is also a big market for Bitcoin because sending money between Rojava and Istanbul currently costs 5 %. Later, we also can create plastic card system where we print cards and also establish payments network using radio systems. There needs to be a lot of development and investigations in Lightning Networks and other technologies.
This is why I [want to ((?))] have a laboratory - if I take a group of people there - I can create all kinds of technology projects and a lot of concepts we've been theorizing for a long time. We can see that it works practically.
There is also the project of the Pirates to create liquid democracy - there is a system of local councils in every neighborhood which - , a lot of these digital platforms that have been developed for many years - we can deploy them. There was also the economy being based on cooperatives - all of the ideas about economic management, about collective management of resources about using cryptography and currencies to manage cooperatives. These all things we can deploy - but what it's going to take is a group of people who's doing this research, who's going deep - not only in terms of developing new concepts - but looking back into the literature about what were - , what is the history of the movement, where we situated it and also what are the concepts and how we can apply them towards our goal.
I'm gonna to finish my talk on that. Does anybody have questions?
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G20 Asks FATF to Clarify AML Standards for Cryptocurrencies

Financial ministers and central bankers from the G20 states met over the weekend in Argentina to discuss the challenges for the global economy. They reiterated their position that cryptocurrencies do not pose a risk to the financial stability. The officials also called on the Financial Action Task Force to clarify by October how its anti-money laundering standards apply to crypto-assets.
Also read: Ukraine’s Financial Stability Council Supports Crypto Regulatory Concept

Reiterated: Cryptocurrencies Not a Risk to Stability

The representatives of the G20 member-states said in a communique released after the meetings on July 21-22 that growth remains robust and unemployment is at a decade low. However, they also noted the need to strengthen the dialog and adopt measures to mitigate the risks for economic development like “rising financial vulnerabilities, heightened trade and geopolitical tensions, global imbalances, inequality and structurally weak growth.”
The statement does mention cryptocurrencies, or crypto-assets as they are called, but not among the risks that need to be addressed immediately. “While crypto-assets do not at this point pose a global financial stability risk, we remain vigilant,” the government officials stated. G20 members also issued a warning that sounds familiar – cryptos “raise issues with respect to consumer and investor protection, market integrity, tax evasion, money laundering and terrorist financing.”
Ministers and bankers didn’t miss the chance to point out, not for the first time, that crypto-assets, “lack the key attributes of sovereign money.” And, of course, they didn’t skip another favorite talking point of governments and regulators – “technological innovations, including those underlying crypto-assets, can deliver significant benefits to the financial system and the broader economy,” a confession that’s not really a concession.

G20 Wants AML Crypto Standard in October

The participants in the meeting reiterated their commitments from the G20 summit in March regarding the implementation of the standards on combating money laundering, terrorism financing and proliferation adopted by the Financial Action Task Force (FATF). They called on FATF to clarify in October this year how these AML standards apply to crypto-assets. The G20 also welcomed the updates provided by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) and the standard setting bodies, adding that it expected them to continue to monitor the potential risks of crypto-assets and assess multilateral responses.
FSB, an international organization that makes recommendations about the global financial system, announced last week a framework to monitor the financial stability implications of crypto-asset markets, as reported. It has been developed together with the Committee on Payments and Market Infrastructures (CPMI), another international body serving as a standard setter for payment, clearing, and settlement arrangements.
The previous meeting of the Group of Twenty, on March 19-20, ended with pretty much the same results, as far as cryptocurrencies are concerned. The forum did not adopt unified crypto-related regulations but urged FATF to apply their standards to crypto-assets. Right before the last summit, the Financial Stability Board dismissed calls from member-states for global crypto rules. FSB’s assessment at the time was identical – crypto-assets do not pose risks to the global financial stability.
The G20 is an international forum of government officials and central bank governors from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, the Republic of South Africa, South Korea, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union – the economies that account for 85% of the gross world product and 80% of the world trade. Many of its members have already called for adopting global crypto regulations.
Do you expect the G20 to eventually propose common rules or guidelines for regulating the crypto space? Share your thoughts on the subject in the comments section below.
Images courtesy of Shutterstock.
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/r/exmuslim Drilldown July 2016

/exmuslim Drilldown

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/paradoxplaza 31
/theydidthemath 31
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/dbz 31
/China 31
/breakingbad 31
/firstworldproblems 31
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/MakeupAddiction 31
/russia 31
/Foodforthought 31
/lifehacks 31
/electronic_cigarette 30
/r4r 30
/HillaryForPrison 30
/ANormalDayInRussia 30
/darksouls3 30
/Marvel 30
/SargonofAkkad 30
/IslamUnveiled 30
/Amd 30
/pokemongo 30
/london 30
/EatCheapAndHealthy 30
/socialskills 30
/meirl 29
/gainit 29
/wallpapers 29
/malehairadvice 29
/Physics 29
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/Buddhism 29
/NeutralPolitics 29
/natureismetal 29
/ireland 29
/oculus 29
/DeepIntoYouTube 29
/everymanshouldknow 28
/truegaming 28
/de 28
/arrow 28
/FlashTV 28
/startrek 28
/exjw 28
/ainbow 28
/nintendo 28
/harrypotter 28
/Cricket 28
/Justrolledintotheshop 28
/BasicIncome 27
/CapitalismVSocialism 27
/ProgrammerHumor 27
/AskDocs 27
/geopolitics 27
/SquaredCircle 27
/Anxiety 27
/patientgamers 27
/financialindependence 27
/tf2 27
/KenM 27
/GameDeals 27
/SkincareAddiction 27
/iphone 27
/QuotesPorn 26
/Psychonaut 26
/dadjokes 26
/doctorwho 26
/TheFacebookDelusion 26
/HumansBeingBros 26
/WatchItForThePlot 26
/TheLastAirbender 26
/LadyBoners 26
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/photography 26
/investing 26
/standupshots 26
/eu4 26
/sadcringe 26
/AskScienceFiction 26
/OnePiece 25
/cscareerquestions 25
/Battlefield 25
/conspiratard 25
/Hijabis 25
/AndroidQuestions 25
/iranian 25
/beards 25
/holdmybeer 25
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/FellowKids 25
/jobs 25
/betterCallSaul 25
/youtubehaiku 25
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/findareddit 25
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/metalgearsolid 23
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/LateStageCapitalism 23
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/runescape 23
/gay 23
/blackops3 23
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/nostalgia 22
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/PropagandaPosters 21
/holdthemoan 21
/MadeMeSmile 21
/ProRevenge 21
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/MechanicalKeyboards 21
/youdontsurf 21
/hockey 21
/RetroFuturism 21
/CitiesSkylines 20
/totalwar 20
/humor 20
/Morocco 20
/introvert 20
/worldbuilding 20
/NSFWFunny 20
/psychology 20
/whitepeoplegifs 20
/asktrp 20
/UnresolvedMysteries 20
/copypasta 20
/ProtectAndServe 20
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/nsfw_gifs 20
/short 20
/LetsNotMeet 20
/CityPorn 20
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/KerbalSpaceProgram 19
/IWantToLearn 19
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/Health 19
/howtonotgiveafuck 19
/nvidia 19
/INTP 19
/Boxing 19
/tall 19
/AbandonedPorn 19
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/MilitaryPorn 18
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/XSomalian 18
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/DC_Cinematic 18
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/delusionalartists 18
/formula1 18
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/aspergers 18
/drunk 18
/Planetside 18
/ContagiousLaughter 18
/French 18
/notinteresting 18
/LearnUselessTalents 18
/Shitty_Car_Mods 18
/classic4chan 18
/progressive 18
/Gunners 17
/stopsmoking 17
/enoughsandersspam 17
/skyrimmods 17
/shia 17
/UnexpectedThugLife 17
/suggestmeabook 17
/Paranormal 17
/Astronomy 17
/Philippines 17
/TiADiscussion 17
/circlebroke 17
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/AskFeminists 17
/lebanon 17
/milf 17
/Austin 17
/terriblefacebookmemes 17
/Denmark 17
/DarkNetMarkets 17
/trippinthroughtime 17
/darksouls 17
/shittyreactiongifs 17
/rupaulsdragrace 17
/CatsStandingUp 17
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/AskAnAmerican 17
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/OnePunchMan 17
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/hardbodies 16
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/happy 16
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/HomeworkHelp 15
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/Needafriend 15
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/PrettyGirls 15
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/MinionHate 15
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/GifRecipes 15
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/UnveilingTheVeil 14
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/Awwducational 14
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/mallninjashit 14
/TheSimpsons 14
/EDC 14
/metacanada 14
/confessions 14
/CatastrophicFailure 14
/justlegbeardthings 14
/PurplePillDebate 14
/linuxmasterrace 14
/whiteknighting 14
/medicalschool 14
/anime_irl 14
/futurama 14
/fullmoviesonyoutube 14
/bloodborne 14
/europeannationalism 14
/starcitizen 14
/arma 14
/pathofexile 14
/vegetarian 14
/community 14
/PenmanshipPorn 14
/Real_Exmuslims 14
/NoMansSkyTheGame 14
/TheDepthsBelow 14
/AccidentalRenaissance 14
/ufc 14
/TopMindsOfReddit 14
/wiiu 14
/vancouver 14
/hardwareswap 14
/starterpacks 14
/architecture 14
/SRSDiscussion 14
/see 14
/ShouldIbuythisgame 14
/EngineeringStudents 14
/MarkMyWords 14
/badphilosophy 14
/Doom 14
/chemistry 14
/Ubuntu 14
/Infographics 14
/TopGear 14
/batman 14
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/opm 0.11983
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/PinoyProgrammer 0.10432
/truePhilippines 0.10426
/tatayjokes 0.09928
/Cebu 0.09074
/techsupport 0.0657
/tipofmytongue 0.06324
/Dota2Trade 0.03502
/nba 0.02918
/Boxing 0.02624
/cats 0.02595
/Minecraft 0.02483
/travel 0.02477
/tipofmypenis 0.02206
/Thailand 0.022
/NoFap 0.02166
/secretsanta 0.02162
/malaysia 0.02126
/singapore 0.02096
/AsianHotties 0.02031
/loseit 0.02024
/DotA2 0.0202
/Android 0.01937
/nextdoorasians 0.01916
/realasians 0.01823
/asianamerican 0.01809
/anime 0.01797
/r4r 0.01777
/itookapicture 0.01744
/photography 0.01599
/China 0.01567
/japan 0.01534
/gameofthrones 0.01533
/HomeworkHelp 0.01501
/malefashionadvice 0.01491
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/nba 213
/Android 194
/gameofthrones 182
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/Games 166
/cringepics 155
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/malefashionadvice 140
/trees 129
/tipofmytongue 123
/anime 119
/techsupport 117
/woahdude 109
/buildapc 109
/offmychest 108
/pcmasterrace 107
/travel 107
/circlejerk 105
/leagueoflegends 103
/sex 102
/cringe 102
/soccer 102
/4chan 99
/JusticePorn 97
/gonewild 97
/apple 96
/PHGamers 95
/Frugal 92
/ImGoingToHellForThis 91
/self 90
/photography 90
/Boxing 87
/offbeat 86
/asoiaf 86
/skyrim 86
/nsfw 85
/pokemon 84
/Steam 81
/comics 79
/reactiongifs 78
/relationships 78
/AskHistorians 78
/Tagalog 75
/Minecraft 74
/promos 73
/facepalm 72
/AskMen 72
/Redditambayan 71
/DoesAnybodyElse 70
/breakingbad 70
/AskWomen 70
/gentlemanboners 69
/Bitcoin 67
/Unexpected 66
/TheLastAirbender 66
/Christianity 66
/thewalkingdead 65
/HistoryPorn 64
/PS4 64
/MorbidReality 63
/casualiama 63
/RandomActsOfGaming 61
/geek 60
/TrueReddit 59
/seduction 59
/learnprogramming 59
/GameDeals 58
/starcraft 58
/AndroidQuestions 58
/MMA 58
/comicbooks 57
/YouShouldKnow 57
/FoodPorn 56
/hearthstone 56
/lifehacks 55
/dogecoin 55
/truegaming 55
/keto 55
/cats 55
/realasians 55
/adventuretime 54
/business 53
/Entrepreneur 52
/MapPorn 52
/entertainment 52
/Cooking 51
/community 51
/loseit 51
/Naruto 51
/hiphopheads 51
/conspiracy 51
/confession 51
/web_design 50
/Diablo 50
/civ 50
/cars 50
/StarWars 50
/iphone 50
/PS3 49
/scifi 49
/CrazyIdeas 48
/harrypotter 48
/talesfromtechsupport 47
/tf2 47
/AndroidGaming 47
/battlestations 47
/relationship_advice 47
/wallpapers 46
/nfl 46
/depression 46
/mildlyinfuriating 45
/writing 45
/AsianHotties 45
/Guitar 45
/NoFap 44
/FanTheories 44
/3DS 44
/GrandTheftAutoV 44
/manga 44
/linux 43
/SubredditDrama 43
/shittyaskscience 43
/IWantToLearn 43
/PHBookClub 43
/singapore 43
/Health 42
/redditgetsdrawn 42
/amiugly 42
/Design 42
/pcgaming 41
/gamedev 41
/japan 41
/TumblrInAction 41
/FiftyFifty 41
/Guildwars2 40
/OutOfTheLoop 40
/MakeupAddiction 40
/webdev 39
/peyups 39
/doctorwho 39
/jobs 39
/polandball 39
/australia 39
/fullmoviesonyoutube 39
/OnePiece 39
/canada 39
/sysadmin 38
/batman 38
/bicycling 38
/humor 38
/teenagers 38
/rage 38
/Dota2Trade 38
/Economics 38
/SteamGameSwap 38
/SquaredCircle 38
/NoStupidQuestions 38
/worldcup 37
/patientgamers 37
/androidapps 37
/motorcycles 37
/answers 36
/running 36
/secretsanta 36
/picrequests 36
/progresspics 36
/whatisthisthing 36
/Thailand 36
/nextdoorasians 36
/oddlysatisfying 36
/startups 35
/Foodforthought 35
/gamernews 35
/jailbreak 35
/SkincareAddiction 35
/Nexus7 34
/whowouldwin 34
/lgbt 34
/headphones 34
/Fallout 34
/MensRights 34
/wow 34
/hardware 33
/vita 33
/LadyBoners 33
/IWantOut 33
/changemyview 33
/investing 33
/tipofmypenis 33
/minimalism 33
/twitchplayspokemon 33
/TheRedPill 32
/RealGirls 32
/opm 32
/firstworldproblems 32
/tattoos 32
/ShingekiNoKyojin 32
/Marvel 32
/GiftofGames 32
/magicTCG 32
/firstworldanarchists 32
/dogs 32
/Celebs 31
/QuotesPorn 31
/Sherlock 31
/aviation 31
/AMA 30
/fatpeoplestories 30
/outside 30
/itookapicture 30
/r4r 30
/applehelp 30
/popping 30
/Parenting 30
/interestingasfuck 30
/quotes 30
/google 30
/gaybros 30
/LosAngeles 30
/ipad 29
/electronic_cigarette 29
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/startrek 29
/shittyfoodporn 29
/beermoney 29
/GlobalOffensive 28
/frugalmalefashion 28
/languagelearning 28
/bodybuilding 28
/Military 28
/China 28
/kpop 28
/nyc 28
/thatHappened 28
/PenmanshipPorn 28
/MechanicalKeyboards 28
/forhire 28
/worldpolitics 28
/SuggestALaptop 27
/guns 27
/Watches 27
/youtube 27
/graphic_design 27
/linguistics 27
/malehairadvice 27
/UniversityofReddit 26
/battlefield_4 26
/socialskills 26
/Fantasy 26
/Drugs 26
/pettyrevenge 26
/CasualConversation 26
/malaysia 26
/freebies 26
/Frisson 26
/PHCircleJerk 26
/LearnUselessTalents 26
/AbandonedPorn 26
/Sneakers 26
/happy 25
/masseffect 25
/TrueAtheism 25
/legaladvice 25
/shutupandtakemymoney 25
/MilitaryPorn 25
/getdisciplined 25
/Catholicism 25
/windowsphone 25
/bjj 25
/Filmmakers 25
/Whatcouldgowrong 25
/HunterXHunter 25
/TrollXChromosomes 25
/formula1 25
/gopro 24
/HumanPorn 24
/cosplay 24
/HongKong 24
/smashbros 24
/JRPG 24
/truePhilippines 24
/SuicideWatch 24
/dadjokes 24
/ForeverAlone 24
/Cebu 24
/ShouldIbuythisgame 24
/BuyItForLife 24
/AskCulinary 24
/ProgrammerHumor 23
/CrappyDesign 23
/RoomPorn 23
/notinteresting 23
/PinoyProgrammer 23
/ArtisanVideos 23
/PerfectTiming 23
/penpals 23
/TalesFromRetail 23
/korea 23
/ifyoulikeblank 23
/techsupportgore 22
/wikipedia 22
/introvert 22
/IndieGaming 22
/skeptic 22
/dating_advice 22
/everymanshouldknow 22
/cscareerquestions 22
/india 22
/HistoricalWhatIf 22
/sydney 22
/Tinder 22
/fatlogic 22
/explainlikeIAmA 22
/NetflixBestOf 22
/Favors 22
/tatayjokes 22
/Animesuggest 22
/PrettyGirls 22
/lakers 22
/friendsafari 22
/RandomKindness 22
/boardgames 22
/Rateme 22
/electronicmusic 22
/HomeworkHelp 22
/AnimalsBeingJerks 22
/creepyPMs 22
/asianamerican 21
/childfree 21
/youtubehaiku 21
/TopGear 21
/audiophile 21
/dayz 21
/iosgaming 21
/summonerschool 21
/gif 21
/ClashOfClans 21
/europe 21
/howto 21
/Ubuntu 20
/environment 20
/NBA2k 20
/WeAreTheMusicMakers 20
/weightroom 20
/nonononoyes 20
/ILiveIn 20
/AskScienceFiction 20
/nexus4 20
/DarkSouls2 20
/chrome 20
/Frozen 20
/Coffee 20
/beer 20
/medicine 20
/FinalFantasy 20
/Wordpress 19
/DCcomics 19
/thelastofus 19
/psychology 19
/AppHookup 19
/watchpeopledie 19
/mac 19
/tech 19
/math 19
/indonesia 19
/Bad_Cop_No_Donut 19
/oculus 19
/androidthemes 19
/tumblr 19
/ffxiv 19
/OkCupid 19
/assassinscreed 19
/sharedota2 19
/nocontext 19
/mylittlepony 19
/CityPorn 19
/Assistance 19
/findareddit 19
/Justrolledintotheshop 19
/LetsNotMeet 19
/wiiu 19
/toronto 19
/hockey 19
/smallbusiness 19
/pathofexile 18
/xboxone 18
/PlayStationPlus 18
/Metal 18
/Astronomy 18
/SimCity 18
/KerbalSpaceProgram 18
/bodyweightfitness 18
/bleach 18
/LongDistance 18
/justneckbeardthings 18
/Boobies 18
/shield 18
/roosterteeth 18
/TrueAskReddit 18
/wheredidthesodago 18
/watch_dogs 18
/Pareidolia 18
/Poetry 18
/darksouls 18
/backpacking 18
/solotravel 18
/gaymers 18
/economy 18
/recipes 18
/diablo3 18
/whatsthisbug 18
/baseball 18
/battlefield3 17
/PHrugal 17
/Cyberpunk 17
/java 17
/Random_Acts_Of_Amazon 17
/Israel 17
/MonsterHunter 17
/marketing 17
/MovieSuggestions 17
/booksuggestions 17
/Borderlands 17
/foodhacks 17
/wallpaper 17
/DecidingToBeBetter 17
/PHP 17
/LucidDreaming 17
/Infographics 17
/carporn 17
/Autos 17
/networking 16
/Physics 16
/energy 16
/DestinyTheGame 16
/starcitizen 16
/buildapcforme 16
/needadvice 16
/shortscarystories 16
/EverythingScience 16
/AsiansGoneWild 16
/nintendo 16
/facebook 16
/chess 16
/juicyasians 16
/INTP 16
/PublicFreakout 16
/fairytail 16
/Terraria 16
/WatchItForThePlot 16
/nursing 16
/lowendgaming 16
/SteamTradingCards 16
/Borderlands2 16
/Images 16
/WildStar 16
/linux4noobs 16
/unitedkingdom 16
/knives 16
/femalefashionadvice 16
/WebGames 16
/software 16
/SNSD 16
/slowcooking 16
/sanfrancisco 15
/firefox 15
/TheoryOfReddit 15
/raspberry_pi 15
/compsci 15
/arrow 15
/somethingimade 15
/phinvest 15
/tennis 15
/gainit 15
/martialarts 15
/nostalgia 15
/Feminism 15
/ladybonersgw 15
/AskSocialScience 15
/lewronggeneration 15
/quityourbullshit 15
/PandR 15
/HouseOfCards 15
/survivor 15
/short 15
/gamingsuggestions 15
/Glitch_in_the_Matrix 15
/actuallesbians 15
/boston 15
/olympics 15
/tf2trade 15
/dwarffortress 15
/bayarea 15
/conspiratard 15
/gamemusic 15
/misleadingthumbnails 15
/bravefrontier 15
/vexillology 15
/AlienBlue 15
/islam 15
/video 15
/tea 15
/GTAV 15
/medicalschool 15
/gardening 15
/photocritique 14
/redditrequest 14
/GirlGamers 14
/Planetside 14
/piano 14
/Cynicalbrit 14
/fantasybball 14
/Marijuana 14
/translator 14
/shittyadvice 14
/blunderyears 14
/holdmybeer 14
/Paranormal 14
/Paleo 14
/scuba 14
/windows 14
/flying 14
/Bass 14
/marvelstudios 14
/raisedbynarcissists 14
/literature 14
/LegalTeens 14
/ContagiousLaughter 14
/TheSimpsons 14
/VietNam 14
/woodworking 14
/Eve 14
/KillLaKill 14
/firefly 14
/ADMU 14
/EDC 14
/RBI 14
/Python 14
/DailyDouble 14
/heroesofthestorm 14
/TrueFilm 14
/asiantwoX 14
/thesims 14
/drawing 14
/suits 14
/london 14
/religion 14
/productivity 14
/law 14
/Gore 14
/inthenews 14
/EDM 14
/chicagobulls 14
/SEO 13
/ftlgame 13
/TheFappening 13
/metalgearsolid 13
/heat 13
/madmen 13
/GetStudying 13
/nononono 13
/CombatFootage 13
/DnD 13
/katawashoujo 13
/MLS 13
/chicago 13
/pinoytv 13
/Surface 13
/ProRevenge 13
/titanfall 13
/firstimpression 13
/dogemarket 13
/beards 13
/DunderMifflin 13
/DebateReligion 13
/vancouver 13
/netflix 13
/typography 13
/standupshots 13
/TrueDetective 13
/Buddhism 13
/EmmaWatson 13
/WhatsInThisThing 13
/HeroesofNewerth 13
/torrents 13
/screenshots 13
/Nexus5 13
/netsec 13
/freelance 13
/Rainmeter 13
/AskNYC 13
/delusionalartists 13
/Seattle 13
/Nootropics 13
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Le top 5 des anecdotes incroyables sur le Bitcoin

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