Bitcoin digitale Version von Gold; könnte bis 2025 auf 100 ...


Bitcoin in this context is like an attempt to reverse cause and effect. Gold is money because people strongly desired it for its physical properties and then, subsequently, discovered that it was the most marketable good and thus useful as money. Bitcoin bypasses this and attempts to go straight to being money. Should hackers break its cryptography, the Internet go down for a few months, or ... "Bitcoin befindet sich aus unserer Sicht wie Gold im Übergang zu einem Nutznießer der zunehmenden Volatilität an den Aktienmärkten", erklärt er. "Unser Chart zeigt die höchste 12-Monats ... The News UNIT I'm Storm Chaser David Casper and my faith is in God and my Saviour Jesus Christ. The author is a storm chaser, storm tracker, freelance photojournalist, and video stringer that does part time news gathering and dissemination. The below chart shows the effect of inflating the money supply with deficit spending and low cost gifts or loans by the FED and Congress to bail out the financial industry and its insurers. As dollars diminish in value, each dollar injected into the economy through debt (spending above income) results in fewer jobs and less productivity than previously. This causes a decline in the GDP unless ... BITCOIN Your Way to Wealth and Power Page 2 half dollars. A penny weighs 2.5 grams, about 1/10 ounce, so an ounce of pennies will cost you ten cents, or you could get ten ounces for a dollar or 10 pounds for $16.00 (FRN). Scrap copper sells for $40 per ten pounds. So you can easily double your money by buying pennies and selling them to scrap copper buyers. Except for one problem. The US Mint ...

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