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software, and design because they are the ‘new commons’ (Benkler, 2014). These commons represent the pooling of productive knowledge that is an inte - gral part of the capacity for any production, including physical goods. P2P is arguably moving from the periphery of the socio-economic system to its core, thereby also transforming other types of relationships, such as market dynamics ... Commons-based peer production (CBPP) constitutes today an important driver for innovation and social and cultural development, both online and off-line, through the establishment of an alternative, commons-based ecosystem, relying on peer production and collaboration among peers contributing toward a common good. Yet, to the extent that it operates outside of the market economy, the value of ... In his famous taxonomy, Michel Bauwens uses two axis to classify the fruits of the digitally transformed economy in two macro areas: capital on one end and the commons, on the other. Bauwens first defines as ‘netarchical capitalism’, more or less what we defined earlier as Platform Based Peer Production and Networked Business models. Peer to Peer: The Commons Manifesto, new book Posted on March 27, 2019 by broodjejaap At last, members of the P2P Foundation have published their new book, described below. Keywords: Benkler, commons-based peer production, digital commons, Bauwens and Kostakis, design global-manufacture local. Acknowledgement: I deeply and wholeheartedly thank the reviewers for their time and effort to constructively comment on my paper. 1. Introduction. Yochai Benkler has been one of the most prominent scholars to elaborate on a novel mode of production that emerged in the last ...

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